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, Crossword Puzzle: The Physical Examination Directions: Complete the puzzle using the clues provided. From Bonewit-West K: Study guide for clinical procedures for medical assistants, ed 8, St.Louis, 2011,Saunders) Down Across 2 Hearing tester 3 Flex sigmoid position 1 Bye examiner 5 Ear examiner 7 BMI: below 18.5 9 BMI: 25 to 29.9 10 Listen to heart position 14 Measuring the patient 16 I am listening 20 Metric unit of height 22 Metric unit of weight 23 Curative procedure 24 Reflex tester 25 Can cause premature death 6 Orifice opener 8 What is the probable outcome? 11 What is wrong with you? 12 Before you measure weight 13 GYN position 15 Five feet in inches 17 Severe and intense condition 18 Provides warmth and modesty 19 Long-time illness 21 Face-up

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